Powerful photo library with unlimited storage powered by your own cloud storage account.
Free 14 day trial, no credit card required
Native mobile apps
A beautfully designed app for iOS and Android to store and manage your photos and videos in your own cloud storage account. You can use Photos+ with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other S3-compatible storage platform.
Native desktop app for macOS
Easily manage, upload and download your photos from your Mac desktop computers with our native Photos+ app for macOS (M1/M2 chips).
About Photos+
Photos+ is a cloud based photos library with unlimited storage of your original unmodified photos and videos and powered by your own OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any S3-compatible storage account.

Use it as a second photo library to separate your precious photos from your main photo library, or use it as your primary photo library, resting assured that your photos are safely stored in your own OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or S3-compatible storage account.
Cloud storage
Photos+ can be used with your own account on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or dozens of other S3-compatible storage platforms.

Since your data is safely stored in your own account with these providers, it’s also available for direct download from Google Drive, Dropbox or configured S3-compatible storage plaform even without the Photos+ app.
Pay for actual storage
Other apps typically give a few GB of storage for free, and then make you pay for 2TB, even if you use a fraction of that amount. When configured with most S3-compatible storage plaforms, you only pay for the actual storage you use.
Unlimited storage
When configured with most S3-compatible storage platforms, you can store an unlimited number of original unmodified photos and videos. You can store a few GB's or hundreds of TB’s of data, there is literally no limit.

Google Drive users can also upgrade their storage plans all the way up to 30TB, or effectively unlimited space for virtually all users.
Designed for Scalability
Google Photos and Amazon Photos are designed to be consumer products. They place all your photos in one long list sorted by date, which works fine when your library is relatively small and your photos are personal photos with date and time metadata.

Their lack of a traditional folder stucture however when creating albums makes it very difficult to manage and navigate through photo libraries containing hundreds of thousands of photos, or photos created using other apps such as Photoshop that do not contain date and time metadata.

Photos+ by contrast is easily scalable to millions of photos, and provides you with a traditional folder structure to group your albums and photos in the manner best suited to your workflow, while still offering powerful search tools similar to these other platforms.
Photos+ was designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind who may shoot tens of gigabytes of content out in the field on a typical shoot.

With our synchronize on demand feature, you can create new albums, select photos and videos for upload, and manage all other aspects of your cloud library while using a minimal amount of mobile network bandwidth while out on a shoot, and then optionally leave the actual heavy lifting of the actual uploading for when you’re back home on WIFI.
Is your only copy of your photos on iCloud, Google Photos, or Amazon Photos? If so, you're only two accidental taps away from losing your priceless photos forever.

That's because these cloud storage services are not backups. If you accidentally delete a photo and empty trash, or wait more than 30 days before the trash is emptied automatically, your photos are lost forever and there is no way to recover them.

By contrast, Photos+ can be optionally configured to automatically keep backups when using S3-compatible storage providers that offer version history. With version history enabled, you'll be able to recover your photos even if you accidentally delete them from Photos+ and empty the trash.
Photos+ takes the concept of partner sharing to the limit by allowing you to not only add multiple partners, but to selectively share individual albums or folders with each partner on a per partner basis.

By contrast, with Google Photos, you're limited to one partner only, while the new iCloud photo library with the upcoming iOS 16 is limited to 5 participants who must all be on iOS devices and with no ability to selectively share photos on a per partner basis.
Free email support is of course available to answer any questions you may have, and/or if you prefer to speak with one of our support members, we can also call you to answer any questions.
Photos+ subscriptions cost just $19.99/year (or $29.99 for 3 years).
Storing your photos in the cloud is not expensive, if you're using the right tools. Here are the approximate yearly costs to store your photos and videos with these popular storage platforms vs Photos+ configured with several S3 compatible "pay as you go" storage platforms.

Platform 250GB 2.5TB 6.5TB
iCloud $120 $360 $720
Google Photos $100 $250 $600
Dropbox $120 $200 $864
OneDrive $100 - -
Photos+/storj $21 $130 $322
Photos+/idrive $30 $110 $210
Photos+/backblaze $25 $160 $400